The 28th Annual Duke Radiology Overview

Session 1: Body Imaging

MRI of the Female Pelvis Lisa M. Ho, M.D.
Imaging Findings Before and After Uterine Fibroid Embolization Waleska M. Pabon-Ramos, M.D., MPH
Update on the Pulmonary Nodules Lacey Washington, M.D.
CT Imaging of Acute Mesenteric Ischemia Chad M. Miller, M.D.

Session 2: Safety and Practice Improvements

Update on MR Contrast and Gadolinium Retention David S. Enterline, M.D., FACR
Non interpretive Skills – MRI Safety for your Practice Mustafa Bashir, M.D.
Techniques for Radiation Does Reduction in MDCT Rendon C. Nelson, M.D., FACR
Radiation Dose and Risk - The Pediatric Radiologist's Perspective  Joseph T. Davis, M.D.

Session 3: Interventional

Interesting IR Cases Paul Suhocki, M.D.
A Practical Approach to Lower Extremity Runoffs James Ronald, M.D., Ph.D.
No Touch' Thoracic Interventional Lesions Joseph Mammarappallil, M.D., Ph.D.

Session 4: Neuroradiology

Diffusion-weighted Imaging: Nuts and Bolts Daniel P. Barboriak, M.D.
CT and MR Imaging of Cerebral Infarction James M. Provenzale, M.D., FACR
Imaging of the Spine: Extradural Disease Timothy J. Amrhein, M.D.
Intradural Spine Christopher J. Roth, M.D., MMCI

Session 5: Emergency Imaging

Imaging Evaluation of Acute Chest Pain  Jared D. Christensen, M.D.
CT of the Acute Abdomen Brain Allen, M.D.
Bowel Obstruction: When to Worry Erik Paulson, M.D.
Emergency Imaging of the Patient with Myelopathy Peter G. Kranz, M.D.

Session 6: Musculoskeletal

From Pre-Op to Post-Op, Diagnosis and Treatment of Femoroacetabular Impingement Erin C. McCrum, M.D.
MRI Assessment of Soft Tissue Infection and Inflammation Charles E. Spritzer, M.D.
MRI of the Ankle: Lateral Pain Emily N. Vinson, M.D.
MRI of the Wrist Nicholas Said, M.D., MBA

Session 7: Incidentalomas

Incidental Findings on Cardiothoracic CT Holman P. McAdams, M.D., FACR
Dealing With Liver Incidentalomas Rajan Gupta, M.D.
Management of Incidental Renal Masses Wendy Ehieli, M.D.
Pediatric Abdominal Incidentalomas: Pitfalls and Mimics Gary R. Schooler, M.D.
The Chiari Conundrum Linda Gray-Leithe, M.D.

Session 8: Breast Imaging

Mammography BIRADS: Soup to Nuts Sora C. Yoon, M.D.
Breast Imaging from the Patient's Perspective Mary Scott Soo, M.D., FACR, FSBI
BIRADS Calcification Ruth Walsh, M.D.
MRI-Lexicon ACR BIRADS: 5th Edition Updates Connie Kim, M.D.
Challenging Cases on Breast MRI - The Practical, Esoteric and Difficult to Manage Sujata V. Ghate, M.D., FACR, FSBI

Session 9: Pediatric Imaging

Imaging Hemangiomas and Vascular Malformations Caroline W.T. Carrico, M.D.
Imaging of Child Abuse Charles M. Maxfield, M.D.
Common Indications and Common Imaging Tips on Interpretations in Children Donald P. Frush, M.D., FACR

Session 10: Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear Brain & CSF Imaging Brandon Howard, M.D., Ph.D.
 Hepatobiliary Scintigraphic Imaging Michael W. Hanson, M.D.
Technical Artifacts and Interpretive Pitfalls in Nuclear Medicine Terence Z. Wong, M.D., Ph.D.